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Fast Dance Songs - Tamil

I kinda hate to blog out of obligation. But when DI tagged me to do a post on songs that are Fast, Furious and Danceable, I gave it a thought. I decided to do it for two reasons. One, it's been quite long since I last posted here, and two, music; I like music just like anybody else out there. Albeit being deluged with songs from Tamil, Hindi, English and a few from others languages as well, none of them were really of the furious types as the tag demands. So, I conveniently assumed the tag to be Fast and Dance Songs :)  
Thought it better to split them into three lists - 
1) Tamil  
2) Hindi  
3) English & Others  

This limitation is purely due to geography. And the reason for listing film numbers in Hindi/Tamil is just the same. The first thing an average Indian could relate to, when it comes to music, is film music. 

First comes the Tamil section (in no specific order): 

Yaaradi Nee Mohini - Uththama Puthiran (1958) 
  This was a revolutionary song of sorts those days. The tempo increases about every stanza and gets freaky fast toward the end. One of the best dance numbers, I would say, from those days. One should not forget - it was live recording those days, no post processing and whole song is done in a single take - vocals, instruments, everything. There is no singing one line again and again until it betters and later punching it out in a studio like it is done these days.  

Malarendra Mugam Indru - Kadhalikka Neram Illai (1964)  
A popular dance number during it's days. It is alleged that MSV copied it from a western song. Nevertheless, a very interesting number, this, in a (female)voice with an unsual timber (L R Eswari) with a bit of yodelling(male voice) thrown in.  

Engeyum Eppothum - Ninaithale Inikkum(1979)  
One of MSV's evergreen hits in the booming voice of SPB. The movie itself has music as one of its thematic elements - so many songs from this movie were chartbusters. A rap remix of this song appeared in Pollathavan (2007) with Yogi B pitching in with his rap.  

Namma Ooru Singari - Ninaithale Inikkum(1979)  
Another dance number rendered by SPB. A floor for SPB to demonstrate his vocal gymnastics. Another song that is worthy of mention from this film is 'Siva Sambo' rendered by MSV himself in his unique high pitched voice.  

Madai Thirandhu - Nizhalgal (1980) 
Those were days when western music held sway over Tamil film music. A very popular dance number from Ilayaraaja. One of evergreen hits. A rap remix of this was done by Yogi B & Co. for their album 'Vallavan'.  

Ennadi Meenatchi - Ilamai Oonjaladugiradhu (1978)
One of those songs that demonstrates IR's prowess with the guitar. Another SPB splurge - one can feel the energy lent by the man infiltrating you. Another evergreen from IR.  

Aasai Nooru Vagai - Adutha Vaarisu (1983)  
A fantastic dance number from IR brilliantly sung by the veteran Malaysia Vasudevan. I've always felt Vasudevan is one of those unsung singers (excuse the pun). His inimitable style and intriguing modulation adds a certain lilt to the song, as is evident in this number. A club mix of this song done for another tamil film 'Kurumbu' was pathetic to say the least.  

Kaalam Kaalamaga Vaazhum - Punnagai Mannan (1988)  
Typical dance number. Has a fantastic string section. IR at his peak, I guess. Sung with teeming energy and attitude by SPB and KS Chitra.  

Chikku Bukku Rayile - Gentleman (1993)  
ARR had already begun to experiment back then. High vocals of Suresh Peters combined with some interesting arrangements. Was a rage back then. One of those songs I grew up with. Thank you, ARR.  

Mukkala Mukkabla - Kaadhalan (1994)  
It was so new and so fresh back then. An explosive number rendered by contrasting vocals of Mano and Swarnalatha. Not to forget Prabhu Deva's antics. What's interesting about the song is the way it ends - catches you by surprise and leaves a lasting impact. 

Antha Arabi Kadaloram - Bombay (1995)  
Perhaps ARR's first fast number for Mani Ratnam. Sung by ARR himself in his extraordinary high vocals. The Hindi version too, indubitably, was a chartbuster.  

Uppu Karuvadu - Mudhalvan (1999) 
Folk this time from ARR. Full of energy with a certain naughtiness in the singing - thanks to Shankar Mahadevan and Kavita Krishamurthy  

Yakkai Thiri / Fanaa - Ayutha Ezhuthu / Yuva (2004)  
Typical trance type for the dance floor. It is anybody's guess that every disco in the country would have played this for a long long time. ARR's husky high pitched vocals ring in my ears even long after I am done listening to this, every single time. 

Pura Koondu - Kaadhal (2004)  
Alhough this may be classified as a 'kuthu' song, it is quite eclectic in nature with nearly as many genres as there are stanzas - kuthu, folk, pop, rock, carnatic, hindustani - you have it all. Vocals full of fizz and pep. Runaway hit. Movie as well.  

Cheena Thaana - Vasool Raja MBBS (2004)  
One of the hit 'kuthu' songs. I think the song's success had a lot to do with a kinda raw vocals by Grace Karunas. (It is for the same reason Manmada Raasa was a hit - Malathy's vocals; so raw for a female voice). Purists might not have liked the idea of Veena sounds being used in this song, but it was refreshing. How many kuthu songs can you think of which used Veena? 

Nakka Mukka - Kaadhalil Vizhunthaen (2008)  
One song that took the Tamil film music by storm last year. The singing is frenetic, the tempo frenzied. Plays at a feverish pace right from the first note to the last.  

Other mentions:  
Adiye Kolluthe - Vaaranam Aayiram (2008) 
Uyirin Uyirae - Kaakka Kaakka (2003)  
Dailamo Dailamo - Dishyum (2006)  
Nenje Thullipo - University (2002) 
Columbus - Jeans (1998) 
 Kannodu Kanbathellam - Jeans (1998) - a cool number with carnatic touches 
Kaattu Kuyilu - Thalapathi (1991)  
Where Is The Party - Silambaattam (2008) - rocking dance floor number  
Chandralekha - Thiruda Thiruda (1993) - a mindblowing piece from ARR  
Pon Magal (Remix) - Azhagiya Tamizh Magan (2007) - a very good rap mix  
Vetri Kodi - Padayappa (1999) 
Aathichudi - TN 07 AL 4777 (2009) 
Oorvasi Oorvasi - Kaadhalan (1994)  

These are songs that just came off my head, mostly. But had to google to get the film names and years right. Am sure there are plenty out there I like but don't remember them right now. These aren't necessarily my favourites, but surely, I like listening to them. What caught even me by surprise is that many of them came out before I was born. No wonder they are labelled evergreen. I guess there would be lot more from Yuvan Sankar Raja's and Harris Jeyaraj's studios. And of late, Devi Sri Prasad's been churning out numbers purely for the dance floors. be continued. 




  1. one glaring omission -> Appadi Podu from gilli

  2. Since I was familiar with the songs after 1988, I listened to all the songs listed before that (Except the first two, I didn't get the link in Youtube for that).

    My favourite songs from that list are: Yengeyum Yeppodhum, Kalam Kalamaga Vazhum and Yogi-B Madai thirandu (I liked the remix version better than the original). Of course, in the songs listed after '88, there are a number of my favourites but the older songs are the ones that I am not in touch with! So, thanks for putting them up.

    Destination Infinity

  3. Hey nice list,
    looking forward to the hindi and english ones,
    not sure if they've been posted already,

  4. i want fast dance tamil or telugu song for dance